Talkabout Refund Policy

Talkabout prides itself on matching students the most ideal available families.

Homestay fees are generally made up of three types of payments:

1. Homestay Placement Fee

This goes to Talkabout Homestay and covers the cost of host recruitment, training and assessment and the work associated with the matching process. The fee is generally paid in conjunction with a minimum period of weekly fees (usually five weeks).

Once this has been paid, Talkabout will commence the work required to find a well-matched and appropriately screened Host.

The Placement Fee is not refundable once payment has been received*.

*The Placement Fee is refundable if the Guest’s visa is denied and we receive the visa refusal notification.

2. Homestay Weekly Fees

The weekly fees are paid to Talkabout to cover the payment to the Guest’s Host, support services and monitoring. A minimum period of five weeks is usually required for new placements.

Weekly fees are refundable if the minimum notice period is met.

Pre-arrival Cancellations:

A full refund applies if Talkabout Homestay refuses the application for homestay.

No refund of the placement fee will be made after work has begun on your request.

Refund schedule if notice of cancellation or postponement is given:
• 9 or more days before arrival: Full refund of homestay fees less the placement fee
• 4-8 days before arrival: Full refund less the placement fee and 1-week’s accommodation.
• 3 days or less before arrival: Full refund less the placement fee and 2-week’s accommodation.

Please use the Homestay Refund link here if you feel you are entitled to a refund.

Special Circumstances:
We appreciate that there are sometimes special circumstances where a guest must cancel due to events beyond their control. Guests and/or their agents are to immediately contact our office to discuss the circumstances with our staff.

Post-arrival Changes and Cancellations:

Moving Out of Homestay:

  • No refunds for the initial 4 weeks.
  • Requires a minimum of 2 weeks’ written notice (cannot be during the first 2 weeks).
  • Less than 2 weeks’ notice incurs full payment for the following 2 weeks.
  • Changing Host Families:
    • May require another Placement Fee (if no valid reason for change).
    • Still requires 2 weeks’ notice to current Host.
    • Weekly fees need to be paid 2 weeks in advance for the new placement.
    • No refunds for leaving without proper notice.
    • Talkabout may stop service after 3+ unwarranted moves by the Guest.

Host Cancellation:

  • Host gives 2 weeks’ notice: Talkabout finds a new placement free of charge, if it is within the requested homestay timeframe.
  • In the event of a household emergency, students will be moved to a new homestay free of charge, if it is within the requested homestay timeframe.
  • Host requires student to be immediately moved due to breach of student homestay conditions: Guest must move. Talkabout will treat each case on an individual basis.
    • Guest may be placed with a new family after counselling (potentially with another Placement Fee).
  • Host cancels due to their own policy breach: Guest receives refund/credit for unused fees or is offered a new placement.

Guest Unsatisfied:

  • Contact Talkabout to discuss concerns with the Host.
  • Talkabout will try to help resolve the situation and move guest if necessary. Two weeks notice is required unless the situation is serious.

Room-hold fee:

If a guest will be away from their Homestay for 1 week or more temporarily, he/she is entitled to a half price discount on the normal homestay rate for the time away.

  • Guests need to inform their Host family at least 2 weeks prior to leaving.
  • Guests need to complete this room-hold rent reduction form 2 weeks prior to leaving. 
  • The discount will be applied to your first invoice AFTER arrival back in Perth

Short Term Study Tours

For students participating in short term study tours arranged through a tour organizer, the standard Talkabout homestay refund policy does not apply.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Full payment upfront:The organizer has normally paid the entire homestay fee upfront before the group’s arrival.
  • 6-weeks or less Study Tours: Once the placement starts, you cannot give notice to leave and get a refund for the remaining homestay fees.
  • Changes handled by tour organizer: Any requests for changes to your homestay placement during the tour need to be directed to your tour organizer.

Refund schedule:

• A full refund (minus $40 admin fee) is applicable if written notice is provided to Talkabout Homestay at least 14 days before the new end date of your homestay.
• Partial Refund: Less than 14 days’ notice – Deduction of 1 week’s homestay fee as an admin charge.

Placement fee
Administration charges

Refund Processing:
• Reimbursements are processed within 28 days of the amended homestay end date.
• The student or their nominee will receive the refund.

Local Australian bank refunds are free from bank charges.  Credit card refunds are suject to a 3% surcharge and International bank transfers cost an average of $30 per transaction.

We recommend that you:
• Review your specific Student Homestay Contract for any additional details.
• Plan your homestay duration carefully, considering the cancellation policy.
• Provide written notice well in advance for a full refund (minus admin fee).